Talking about CSR

Talking about CSR

For CSR (corporate social responsibility), I think it is the corporate duty to do that. For my company, those days the world was disturbing by Coronavirus, and it has result a very serious affect for human. The doctor and nurse do a great job in this Coronavirus Battle. As a training institution our company supply free English course for those careers. Being one of staff of the company I feel very proud. The same feelings my other colleagues have.
One corporate should know their responsibility for society, do what they can. Maybe it can get more later, not only the benefits, other sprit hand it also can get. CSR can make a corporate operate in a healthy way. It does what also effects their staff. we are the part of society, we can do what we can contribute.
Others may think it cost a lot of time or money to do that, that is not the responsibility for one corporate, the corporate main response is to make benefit. If one corporate can see the future, it won't just focus on what their benefit in, but the responsibility they have.
Reputation is a very important part for corporate developing, It is a recycle, if it do more for the society, it can got more.


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